The mapping department is at the core of our business and one of our strongest assets. Comprising a team of skilled in-house drafters, the team harnesses the latest software and specialist knowledge to produce bespoke highly accurate and detailed plans. From acquiring mapping data to producing fully dimensioned and annotated plans and on-site GPS surveys using the Trimble GNSS Surveying System, our in-house team provides a wide-ranging and professional service.

As a central hub, the department is able to draw on a range of skills and experience on every project as required. Working in tandem with our surveyors, clients and other consultants, members of the mapping team constantly hone their knowledge to bring high levels of efficiency and professionalism to Dalcour Maclaren. The team's understanding of the sector enhances the level of added value we provide. With the experience and resources to overcome problems and by-pass delays, the team has the self-reliance and expertise to deliver a fast, consistent and flexible service.

Investment in software is key to the quality of service we offer. Our mapping department is Autodesk accredited while our use of AutoCAD ensures plans are of the highest quality and millimetre accuracy. Our team includes specially trained GPS technicians who can reference points on the ground to the nearest 10 cm. Using the latest GNSS surveying system we can plot the proposed or laid position of a client's assets as well as other geological features.

Via our bespoke Capture database, clients can view the latest and most up-to-date plans at any time while surveyors can annotate plans when in the field to produce basic plans. We are continuing to innovate in this area and through a web GIS system our surveyors are able to create basic plans in the field that will feed into Capture. This streamlined experience results in maximum efficiency through the course of a project.

As with all our services, we can customise our offering and have the ability to work with our clients to produce any type of plan.

Key services of our centralised mapping department

  • Acquisition of mapping data
  • Land referencing team
  • GPS data capture and site-marking services
  • Management of mapping data and plans
  • Production of plans tailored to our clients needs
  • Interactive plans
  • Data sharing and exporting
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