Land referencing and property searches

Land referencing and property searches

Land referencing is the starting point for a large majority of infrastructure projects and can cover many external parties and issues: for that reason we are committed to streamlining the process to deliver a cost-effective, thorough service for our clients.

We understand the importance of 100% accuracy when land referencing, a process that often informs many keys stages in a project, including the serving of legal access notices, Compulsory Purchase Orders and Development Consent Orders. Land referencing consists of much more than land registration; we look at any issue that can affect land involved in a scheme, from environmental issues to rights of use. Our dedicated team has the knowledge and experience to undertake thorough and efficient searches, using specialist agencies when required.

We work with the Land Registry and use other agencies such as environmental specialists to ensure our searches are as thorough as possible. As one of their biggest clients, we have a longstanding and firm partnership with the Land Registry. We were invited by the organisation to trial its new search technology and provide input on user experience to improve the search technology. We are now passing on the benefits of this – including time and costs savings – to our own clients.

Our dedicated referencing team is well resourced to deliver an excellent service. We are investing in in-house technology to produce highly detailed, annotated maps and schedules. Capture, our custom-designed database allows all data produced by the referencing team to be easily shared with the client 24 hours a day. Click here to find out more about how Capture transforms the way we work with clients.

Operating solely in the utility and infrastructure sector, we regularly undertake highly complex schemes. We approach all projects, large and small, with the same level of efficiency and thoroughness.

Our aim is to deliver added value at every step: for this reason we will use our analysis of the referencing process to advise the client on strategy and recommend the best way forward.

We carry out highway searches, review statutory rights of access, environmental designations and planning searches. When on the ground, we will carry out thorough door-knocking exercises and often employ our GPS system to ensure accuracy.

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