We have a growing reputation for innovation and have invested in a custom-designed database to transform how we project manage our work. Capture, our custom-designed database, symbolises our commitment to providing an innovative, client-focused service with added value. This flexible approach empowers our clients and allows key stakeholders to work together for maximum efficiency.

As a bespoke and powerful information tool, Capture acts as a central point of reference for our in-house teams and clients. With every aspect of the scheme updated at every stage by our staff, Capture is a comprehensive system for managing all data, from budgets to mapping and contact details. It can be securely accessed online 24 hours a day. This means every stakeholder always has access to the latest information via an iPhone, desktop computer, laptop or tablet – all that is required is an internet connection.

Capture empowers our clients. The database allows them to share key information with third parties, such as solicitors and contractors, if they wish to. It also acts as a central reference for contacts, landowner information, letters, plans and photographs, facilitating meetings and day-to-day document management. Clients can easily access information on expenditure versus budget while company-reporting functions can be adapted to individual requirements, such as the ability to produce KPI reports. With access to real-time data that can be interpreted and shared, our clients experience costs savings and an enhanced level of service.

We are continuing to invest in Capture and we listen to our clients to ensure it is attuned to their needs. Its bespoke, client-focused design makes it a game-changing feature for our clients, providing them with the security and comfort on each and every scheme. As Capture has been designed to democratise information sharing, it is intuitive and easy to use. We can train clients to maximise the potential it offers.

Capture complements our project management and streamlines our in-house processes. As we become ever more efficient we can pass on the resulting benefits to our clients.

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