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June, 2014 - ongoing

National Grid Electricity Transmission

Wirral, Cheshire & North Wales

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Western HVDC Link; Voluntary and Compulsorily acquisition of land and rights

  • 439 km of high voltage direct current cable connecting England and Wales with Scotland
  • 36 km on-shore cables crossing the Wirral
  • New converter station site acquired
  • DM Overall Project Aim: - To secure all required land rights to facilitate the installation of 2 direct current cables across the Wirral to a new converter station in North Wales. To support the CPO Process, negotiate with all stakeholders and deliver the required land and rights over land.

Risks & Constraints

  • Not all voluntary agreements reached
  • Common Land affected
  • Time pressures
  • Limited route options
  • Limited route options


CPO process used...

  • In parallel with voluntary agreements
  • To manage Common Land aspect
  • To manage time pressures
  • To reduce risk

Primary Activities

  • Route feasibility
  • Extensive consultations
  • Coordinating access for surveys
  • CPO Referencing & production of plans
  • Making of the CPO
  • Managing Objectors
  • Attendance at Public Inquiry
  • Implementation of the CPO
  • Management during construction
  • Negotiating Compensation Claims

Contact: Andrew Barker

D: 01270 446412


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