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Being proactive pays

Emergency response to an unforeseen event can leave affected land in an unrecoverable state for many years to come. Productive soil is primarily a balance between structure and climate, with farmers using the most appropriate crops to respect this balance. However, when unplanned events occur and reactive measures are required, this balance can be easily disrupted.

Dalcour Maclaren was present from the absolute beginning of one such reactive scheme, on-site outside of usual working hours to assist the client at every step:

Step 1 – Repair

Access was sought by Dalcour Maclaren to undertake the required works. In order to minimise the damage the excavations alone could make, DM advised that the top soil should be stripped and protected separately on site.

Step 2 – Reinstatement

The affected area remained separated from the rest of the land by Heras panels while agricultural operations took place to restore the fields. A high level of stakeholder management was ensured throughout the programme, for example consultation with Rights of Way Officers and by following Health and Safety procedures.

In this situation, the disturbance from the initial event led to a deficit in top soil. Dalcour Maclaren prepared a reinstatement brief, which was issued to the contractor by the client. This included a specification for the imported (and certified) top soil and the manner in which it should be brought to site. Our role developed further to include daily site visits and a watching brief for three weeks, ensuring that the reinstatement was carried out to the highest standard.

Step 3 – Compensation

Consideration for the crop loss and disturbance was due on the affected areas. The claims were settled shortly after the event, ensuring none of the affected land owners/occupiers were left in a vulnerable position due to the works.

This scheme showcases a reactive situation where appropriate management was essential for a good outcome. This has resulted in a positive relationship between the client and stakeholders involved.