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Severn Trent Water

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Eldersfield WwPS, Gloucestershire


  • A small wastewater pumping station was causing odour issues and required replacement
  • The pumping station was located within a small hamlet of houses in a rural area and was visually intrusive
  • The replacement pumping station needed to be below ground apart from a control kiosk but it also required the removal of 2 mature pollarded Willow trees to provide access off the highway
  • The field (approximately 4 acres) - we required 0.2 acres to create a fenced area containing the pumping station and turning head for access

Risks and Constraints

  • Landowners opposition - a retired couple passionate about retaining the farm as a whole for his family
  • The daily management had been passed to their children
  • Price - the landowner wanted £100,000 but we agreed a payment of £20,000 to include a further area for a temporary site compound


  • Provided a valuation of the land based on facts rather than the landowner’s perception
  • Engaged with landowner’s valuer to outline the options of proceeding by agreement vs. STW’s compulsory powers
  • Effective communication - empathised with the owner and looked at ways in which we could reduce the impact of the pumping station on him and the neighbours
  • Negotiation - with assistance from his valuer we managed to keep the payment to a reasonable level whilst maintaining a positive relationship with him


Happy landowner…eventually. The project can go ahead at a reasonable cost.