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May, 2009

Network Rail

Redditch, Worcestershire

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DCO Application – Management of Statutory Consultees Railway Widening

  • 3 mile stretch of railway requiring widening
  • DCO application to be submitted to Planning Inspectorate
  • DM to consult with all Statutory Consultees including; Utility providers (Gas, Electricity, Water and Telecommunications), Charities and the Developer (Client)
  • DM Overall Project Aim: - To ensure that all potential objections (in particular Statutory Consultees) were mitigated prior to submission of the Statement of Reasons.

Who and what are Section 42 Consultees?

  • Consultees prescribed by the Infrastructure Planning Regulations 2009 (statutory authorities, Parish Councils, electricity and gas companies with CPO powers)
  • Local authorities as set out in s.43 – both the local authority directly affected and any local authorities sharing a boundary with affected authority
  • Persons with an interest in the land as set out in section 44 – owners, tenants, lessees or occupiers or people who could have a claim for compensation as a result of the development going ahead.

Contact: Andrew Barker

D: 01270 446412