November, 2017

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When you pull together, you pull through

When our clients present a problem, we do our utmost to develop and assist with the solution. Recently, DM were part of a core team to renew essential electric cabling and ducts for the running of a resource water main for SES Water. The project was under a strict, licensed pumping schedule where, together with the contractors, we delivered a challenging drilling project. With incredibly tight time constraints, the works went under a road, a railway line and through private land and all with specific ecological constraints.

A project of this scale would usually have a preparation timescale of at least a year before construction, to organise consents, agree legal easements and confirm methods in line with environmental factors. Dalcour Maclaren had just 4 months from scheme conception to construction.

With support from Clancy Docwra’s project manager, who organised the demanding programme of several specialist contractors to simultaneously undertake the work, the scheme progressed in line with the timescales. Of course, we encountered a few difficulties: the existing ducts for a ‘clear pass’ were unserviceable after years of being dormant. It was encouraging to know that the whole engineering team were on-site to test strategies and achieve the route.

How did we fair? The project is in successful commission and we are now finalising and completing the outstanding agreements.

May, 2018

Telecoms…. it’s just another Utility

It was over five months ago that the New Electronic Communications Code (New Code) was introduced. John Wood takes a look at the drivers behind recent legislative changes and what the impact of these changes is likely to be.

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April, 2018

Did you know…

Day to day work at Dalcour Maclaren is often misconceived as just handling compensation claims and arranging access to land for our clients. In fact, the range of instructions that we get is huge, providing valuable experience to our surveyors in areas of general practice, and giving opportunities to those with previous experience to share their expertise. Here’s one example of this…

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