November, 2018

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APC Success!

As the autumn session of the RICS APC assessments end, we are congratulating our 5 APC candidates from Dalcour Maclaren who are now newly qualified as Chartered Surveyors.

Frankie Burton, Christy Greves, Mark Hurrell, Rhiannon Price and Daniel Thorne have all proved that sheer hard work and dedication pays off.

Our robust training scheme at Dalcour Maclaren has a superb track record for getting graduates through the APC process and producing an impressive number of first-time passes.

Christy Greves, says “Having so many graduates going through the process together really helps to make it feel like a team effort. We have developed some really good ways of helping each other, with the support of the training team and senior surveyors.”

Rhiannon Price says, “Seeing how willing everyone has been to help me getting ready for the assessment, really makes me want to get involved with helping out other grads, now that I am qualified”.

Our recent drive towards training more in-house surveyors to become APC assessors has also helped significantly. We are able to fully understand full the RICS requirements in candidates, the processes to be followed and get an insight into some hints and tips that our candidates should be taking on board.

With the recent expansion in the company’s service areas, we will find that wider competencies will become more relevant and available to our candidates.

Daniel Thorne says, “We can now be more open minded about the competencies we choose and get experience in: The new departments, like Planning and Environmental Services are going to provide even more opportunities for our graduates which is really exciting.”

Congratulations to Christy, Rhiannon and Daniel, as well as Mark and Frankie on passing their APC this time round. Next stop, the Spring sitting!

If you are interested in learning more about the Graduate Training Scheme for 2019, visit our Graduates Page.

December, 2018

Where is WATER going?

The first RICS Water Conference welcomed guest speakers covering a range of topics on the changing issues and opportunities surrounding the water sector. Perfect timing, in light of the current political interest in the water sector– recently captured in Michael Gove’s latest speech in response to the draft National Policy Statement which included the headline messages of halving leakage by 2050 and calling for considerable investment in the water sector.

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December, 2018

Rolling out 5G to the masses: Here’s the plan...

5G is the next generation of mobile technology and it’s important because it will create numerous advantages for users and businesses. The government wants the UK to become a world leader in digital infrastructure and this requires us to become a leader in 5G. An incredibly important ambition as people want access to broadband services wherever they live and work.

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October, 2018

New Team; New Office!

We are excited to announce that Dalcour Maclaren are launching a new Environmental Planning service to strengthen our existing Planning and Development Team.

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